I am from Lima, Peru; a small town in South America. I speak three main languages: Spanish, Chinese, and English, and two secondary languages: French and Portuguese. So I think we can chat.

I started experimenting with digital, photography, film, etcetera in my last year of university. I spent all my savings on a waterproof action camera and took it out on an exchange trip to capture the "extra traveling": hikes, adventure, and last-minute routes. Things did mess a little with all the planned meeting schedules, but it forced me to learn creativity to overcome unplanned circumstances and practice the art of multitasking. Some experiences took me out of my comfort zone, brought adrenaline, and taught me resilience. It is a nice way to discover while being open-minded. The world I know is a tiny tip of an iceberg, every new environment has something inspiring that triggers concepts and ideas.


Relating to work, I believe the learning of different aspects of design, aesthetics is a fun craft to constantly learn and evolve, applied in daily human life. People from multicultural backgrounds taught me to learn to work as a team player, to see incredible new perspectives, and accomplish every project differently.



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